Wednesday, December 10, 2008


For the ones that weren't there. And for the ones that were. (Scroll down for poem creativity.)

Now, the only poem I have digitally is the one about George, because ehm, well, Sinterklaas asked me if he could use my computer to write it. Yes, that's it. Enjoy!

Dear Yao Yi – no, wait, that’s wrong,
A minor mistake, just a slip of the tongue
You damn foreigners all look the same,
Plus: Sint is an old man who you can not blame

Sint looked around 167 so tonight he’d have a clue,
But you weren’t there, so … who the hell are you?
Aaah, you’re the one from Georgia, isn’t that right,
Well, it pleases Sinterklaas you could make it tonight

Now that he’s met you, he thinks you’re kinda hot,
But then again, you probably get that a lot
Sleeping in a big bed with the Chinese guy,
And than nothing happens? That he won’t buy

thus the question from him here: you like your men older?
You sure do remember it’s in the eye of the beholder
Sint may be hundreds of years, but he’s young at heart
So what do you say, honey bunny? Sweetheart?

He’s serious about liking to see you again,
So the only questions left are where and when?
Wear something comfy as Sint rides a horse,
And you get to sit in the back, of course

Let’s cut the crap here and right now plan a date,
How about tomorrow, he will pick you up at eight?
Now you’re done. Go ahead, get another drink,
But first you get a very promising wink wink,

With a kiss,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let me be the first: Finland pictures!

Funny, but I didn't take that many. Well, enjoy anyway!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Working as Student

The range of work available for students in Sweden is not wide without a doubt. There is few work possibilities student may have linked with cleaning Mac Donald’s, with very less chance of getting this job position, delivery of newspapers which is hardly possible to get as well and a delivery of commercial newspapers by the company named Svensk Direkt Reklam (SDR). The last 2 jobs from 3 have quite rough conditions and very low paid wages. Consequently, SDR employs students with no difficulties, but pays miserable money for their efforts and doing this job is a long-lasting nightmare. The job content for SDR is 1) you must arrange huge amount of commercials and make one thick commercial newspapers and for doing this you need at least 4-5 hours. 2) You have to place them all in the carriage and drive to your district that can be located on the other side of the town. 3) You must deliver those all newspapers without even leaving one in the carriage and you spend about 2 hours per district. 4) for these exhausting efforts, you get paid about 100 SEK. As a result you are working for 7 hours and getting paid 100 SEK. So are you ready to do this kind of job?
Look! Does it worth to torture yourself and waste your time doing this shity job just for Goddamn 100SEK? You have not much of choices, because once you are in a desperate situation, you do it. The other job, which is better paid, but not enough is accomplished during the night. This is a basic delivery of daily newspapers and the amount of these newspapers may consist of 400-450 thick and thin newspapers. You work 3-4 hours every night except Sunday and get 5-6 thousands of SEK for your sweat, which is much better compared to previous job. However, doing this will destroy your day and night regimes and your organism to get used to such abnormality. Yet, it will affect your studies which will eventually be the reason of your education failures and university absences. To conclude, you can see that the choices are not great at all and conditions are not efficient enough either, but the need for the money is urgent.
You do only these shity jobs because: 1) you don’t speak Swedish, 2) you don’t have a status of a Swedish citizen, 3) because you are student, 4) because your CV is better contented than Mc Donald’s jobs requirements and 5) because of ignorant hypocrites and bureaucrats that don’t give a damn about you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The forbidden cartoons

Hey guys!

I looked up some (more) examples of cartoons from\about the Netherlands.

First - Gregorius Nekschot (the guy that got arrested): The Forbidden Cartoons.

Why muslim youth identify with Palestinians:
hanging 'round...
don't go to school...
no homework...
provoke the police...
collect welfare...

Nowhere does the Koran say you have to do something in return for 30 years of receiving child support, rent support and welfare...

Muslim Democratic Party presents its logo

Fokke en Sukke are my favourite comnmentors on the world.

It sais: Fokke and Sukke heard about the Polish election results.
'Liberal, conservative, it really doesn't matter.'
'As long as they still do our plinths for eleven euro's an hour.'

Fokke and Sukke had no big task disconnecting the Birmese internet.
'Just a case of installing Windows Vista.'

But there is another side to the dutch freedom of press and opinion. The next cartoon illustrates the fatique that's rising.

Fokke and Sukke have had enough.
'Just one day of being free from the freedom of expression!'
'Damn, that must be possible!'

To show that indeed (almost :)) everything is possible and allowed in the Netherlands - cartoonist are even responding to eachother. This one is about the arrest of Gregorius Nekschot:

The red line is the border of decency. the gates are named discrimination, suggesting hate and violence and blasphemy. The agent has the name of the justice-minister on his jacket.

Bye all!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Extra reading?

Hejsan everyone!

I perfectly understand that we're all busy preparing for the seminar with Stig on Friday, but... Here you can find some extracts from Robert McChesney's book "Rich Media, Poor Democracy". If you're interested, you can also have a look at "The New Media Monopoly" by Ben Bagdikian. You won't obviously find full-text pages, but at least some passages may be useful and interesting to read.

Vi ses senare at the svenska class!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Par-ty, party, party people beethoven style

holla from mama

hallo globies,
Anyone up yet? Thanks all for making yesterday an exceptional evening for all of us. It was lots of fun. Oksana, thanks babe a million times for the bash it was kul, and weaved us closer to each other.
Do have a merry weekend.

Friday, September 26, 2008


26th September, Friday, 18:00. Granrisvägen 22D.
Brickebacken, Bus N12, stop Granrisvägen (first house almost opposite Coop Consum)
Snacks and drinks are welcomed :-) As well as friends ;-)
Waiting for you, Oksana (my name means "hospitable", by the way)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

photo in Swedish Radio6

photo in Swedish Radio5

photo in Swedish Radio4

photo in Swedish Radio3

photo in Swedish Radio2

photo in Swedish Radio1

Video from the GIJC2008

Here is the video with plenty of pictures from GIJC that was held in Norway.Thanx to my collegue Liu for this video and for others joining this lovely conference.
Well, have a look!

Topics for the presentation

Our Global Journalism program is going extremely well. With the visit to Sveriges Radio yesterday, and the obvious influence it had on us, today we were very motivated and charged with positive energy to work on our assignments.

Today, the topics for our upcoming presentation on Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Norway, which we attended on Sep. 11-14th, were chosen.

Here they are:

  • Oksana will tell us all about TV investigative journalism;
  • Maria is going to report on infamous story of persecution of Isioma Daniel, the Nigerian journalist;
  • Nadine and Ellen will cover the following themes: the ABC of investigative journalism and online investigative tools;
  • Lika is going to make her presentation on nuclear threat and the difficulties that journalists have to overcome in order to make an investigation on the issue;
  • Rem will report on Top 10 best sites in investigative journalism;
  • Christine will cover the topic of data and sources, the protection and the availability;
  • Liu's report, entitled "The Media in China: Why It's Not Free?" is going to tell us about the media situation in the region;
  • Sunny will share with us her thoughts on the power, that Chinese bloggers have;
  • and Ronnie's topic will be "The Dangerous Life of a Journalist".
We are looking forward to hear it!

P.S. Here is the address for our Mailing Group in Yahoo!:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Encore, Encore

Had it been a concert, theater production or any other kind of show, I would without a doubt have been on my feet chanting for more of the GIJC 2008 in Lillehammer.

What a memorable introduction to the Masters programme in Global Journalism! I came away from the conference feeling oh so fired up, having listened to many interesting seminars, given by truly inspiring journalists.
There was something really special about having all these people, that share the same passion, in one place.
My eyes were opened to the world of investigative journalism, which I now consider a very favourable option in my future career.

And how about that admirable organisation and the great opportunity for networking!

I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Norwegian food, the entertainment, well, the list goes on......
One thing is for sure, countless positive superlatives come to mind when I think of the Lillehammer experience.

Thank you all for making it a memorable trip!

I can't wait for Switzerland 2010. Can you?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

mama gotta dis to say

Wsup guys dis freakin Sunday!

I know too well, nursing hangovers? maybe not.... sure i got stuff on my blog about ma experiences or is it others' experiences in Lillehammer, being the paparazzi iam, i made use of ma camera, so guys, lets have fun going through the pics, nothing personal, one luv, peace!
You ar all welcome to post comments and contribute in any way pals.
Ps, ma blog aint on da wider web, restricted myself on the blogger intranet.
Cheers, Mama!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hi folks,

the chapter i posted previously was apparently the wrong one, i just confirmed it with Leonor. So follow this link and read chapter 3 written by Linda Steined starting from page 42.,+Journalism:+Critical+Issues&printsec=frontcover&source=web&ots=cTgV3vgn2b&sig=iBIQWjRSPXmm9BP272mXk_uLIK8&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=3&ct=result#PPA42,M1

sorry for this inconvinience.

good luck!


Here is a link to Allans book. Pages, we have to read are 42-52. The article  is called "The gender matter debate in journalism" by Linda Steiner. The book is not of best quality to read from monitor, and it is impossible to copy the text. But it is better, than nothing anyway.,+Journalism:+Critical+Issues&printsec=frontcover&source=web&ots=cTgV3vgn2b&sig=iBIQWjRSPXmm9BP272mXk_uLIK8&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=3&ct=result#PPA42,M1

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life and studies in Sweden

Sweden is pretty one of the most interesting place to learn among the countries in Europe and in the Scandinavia in particular. It must equally be commended the fact that Sweden is among the very few countries in the world, if not, the only to make education completely free. It is calm, peaceful and its citizens are generally welcoming.

Though not necessarily an English colony, the second language after the Svenka (official language of Sweden) is English. It is really amazing to know that most Swedish speak good English as well.

However, Sweden is certainly not a destination for those who want to come there and look for jobs. The jobs are quite few and those available, are often for people who understand the Swedish language. This does in any way mean that it is totally impossible to have part time jobs in Sweden as a student.

The educational system is well organized. Education is tuition-free and most of the things in school, as in most of the country are highly computerized. This is good though, but, has drastically cut down jobs.

We hear that the Swedish government is about to introduced the payment of fees but this has not been confirmed by any official sources. It must be said here ahead of time that the introduction of fees will certainly and drastically reduce the number of students who will come to Sweden given that unlike in most developed countries, foreign students in Sweden have limited part-time employment opportunities.

It is really a pleasure and an experience doing an International Masters Programme in Global Journalism. As Roland Stanbridge, Coordinator of the programme posits, those (most) of us who came in as local journalists from our various countries are expected to leave Sweden as international or global journalists.

It is under the framework of attaining this objective that students attended the 5th global conference on Investigative journalism in Norway. The trip was formidable from the information i gathered since i arrived Sweden late. Though i did not attend the conference in Norway, from the experiences shared by other participants, it was worth attending.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Maybe it's time to start writing something? Norway GIJC 2008

Writing from the class of my global journalism programme. I have just returned from the marvelous conference that was held in Norway few days back. On the surface and indepth, it all felt and looked perfect so as I enjoyed every single moment of this wonderful event.Yet, acquiring comprehensively an imperative knowledge is another positive quality that Norway granted to me.

Now i am back again to Sweden, back to studies and normal life.However,i feel a bit ill due to the climate changes and an intensive workshop I have done during the conference, because there was a task from the university I had to accomplish and later on present.

Conference: Well, extremely interesting and very productive.

City. Lillehammer is a beautiful mountainous area with lovely nature and landscape. I believe only for this reasons it was worth organizing winter Olympic 1994.

Contingent:Some prominent scholars such as Robert Fisk, Martin-Hans-Tillack and others.

Participants: 500 people/86 countries.

Topics such as "Investigating Journalism in Russia","HOW TO PROTECT SOURCES", "International Criminal Investigative Journalism", "HOW TO INVESTIGATE CORRUPTION" ETC.

An Official website of Global Investigative Journalism Conference here.

Organization: Very well organized what I thank them for.

Photos would be posted sometime very soon and I hope you will enjoy them.

So altogether big up yourselves right now and take this life very easy.

Da world is yours indeed.