Monday, September 15, 2008

Maybe it's time to start writing something? Norway GIJC 2008

Writing from the class of my global journalism programme. I have just returned from the marvelous conference that was held in Norway few days back. On the surface and indepth, it all felt and looked perfect so as I enjoyed every single moment of this wonderful event.Yet, acquiring comprehensively an imperative knowledge is another positive quality that Norway granted to me.

Now i am back again to Sweden, back to studies and normal life.However,i feel a bit ill due to the climate changes and an intensive workshop I have done during the conference, because there was a task from the university I had to accomplish and later on present.

Conference: Well, extremely interesting and very productive.

City. Lillehammer is a beautiful mountainous area with lovely nature and landscape. I believe only for this reasons it was worth organizing winter Olympic 1994.

Contingent:Some prominent scholars such as Robert Fisk, Martin-Hans-Tillack and others.

Participants: 500 people/86 countries.

Topics such as "Investigating Journalism in Russia","HOW TO PROTECT SOURCES", "International Criminal Investigative Journalism", "HOW TO INVESTIGATE CORRUPTION" ETC.

An Official website of Global Investigative Journalism Conference here.

Organization: Very well organized what I thank them for.

Photos would be posted sometime very soon and I hope you will enjoy them.

So altogether big up yourselves right now and take this life very easy.

Da world is yours indeed.


Ronnie Safarov said...

Rem, I absolutely agree: it was an extraordinary event, wonderful trip and unforgettable experience.

I would also like to call upon all our friends to share their impressions from our incredible journey to Norway. Maybe everyone who traveled to Lillehammer would describe his (or her) own experience here as a comment to Rem's article. Broaden our conversation, contribute to our blog, let it widen and improve with every post!

Da Life in Sweden said...

where are d pipl????

Kundia said...

Hej! I would add smth to Rem's very serious report.
What was of great importance - is our experience & communication with all famous and world-known journalists. Each of us could have felt himself as an equal member of the "club". Yeh, guys, journalists are elite (even afterdark :-)
P.S. For those, who speak russian (SORRY!!! everyone else) I've written a few words about Lillehammer Conference in my russian-language personal blog