Monday, September 22, 2008

Encore, Encore

Had it been a concert, theater production or any other kind of show, I would without a doubt have been on my feet chanting for more of the GIJC 2008 in Lillehammer.

What a memorable introduction to the Masters programme in Global Journalism! I came away from the conference feeling oh so fired up, having listened to many interesting seminars, given by truly inspiring journalists.
There was something really special about having all these people, that share the same passion, in one place.
My eyes were opened to the world of investigative journalism, which I now consider a very favourable option in my future career.

And how about that admirable organisation and the great opportunity for networking!

I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Norwegian food, the entertainment, well, the list goes on......
One thing is for sure, countless positive superlatives come to mind when I think of the Lillehammer experience.

Thank you all for making it a memorable trip!

I can't wait for Switzerland 2010. Can you?

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