Monday, October 6, 2008

The forbidden cartoons

Hey guys!

I looked up some (more) examples of cartoons from\about the Netherlands.

First - Gregorius Nekschot (the guy that got arrested): The Forbidden Cartoons.

Why muslim youth identify with Palestinians:
hanging 'round...
don't go to school...
no homework...
provoke the police...
collect welfare...

Nowhere does the Koran say you have to do something in return for 30 years of receiving child support, rent support and welfare...

Muslim Democratic Party presents its logo

Fokke en Sukke are my favourite comnmentors on the world.

It sais: Fokke and Sukke heard about the Polish election results.
'Liberal, conservative, it really doesn't matter.'
'As long as they still do our plinths for eleven euro's an hour.'

Fokke and Sukke had no big task disconnecting the Birmese internet.
'Just a case of installing Windows Vista.'

But there is another side to the dutch freedom of press and opinion. The next cartoon illustrates the fatique that's rising.

Fokke and Sukke have had enough.
'Just one day of being free from the freedom of expression!'
'Damn, that must be possible!'

To show that indeed (almost :)) everything is possible and allowed in the Netherlands - cartoonist are even responding to eachother. This one is about the arrest of Gregorius Nekschot:

The red line is the border of decency. the gates are named discrimination, suggesting hate and violence and blasphemy. The agent has the name of the justice-minister on his jacket.

Bye all!


Da Life in Sweden said...

fokke&sukke, what kinda names are these :)??? there is another political meaning on their names:)

Ellen for president said...

There ... is? :O