Wednesday, December 10, 2008


For the ones that weren't there. And for the ones that were. (Scroll down for poem creativity.)

Now, the only poem I have digitally is the one about George, because ehm, well, Sinterklaas asked me if he could use my computer to write it. Yes, that's it. Enjoy!

Dear Yao Yi – no, wait, that’s wrong,
A minor mistake, just a slip of the tongue
You damn foreigners all look the same,
Plus: Sint is an old man who you can not blame

Sint looked around 167 so tonight he’d have a clue,
But you weren’t there, so … who the hell are you?
Aaah, you’re the one from Georgia, isn’t that right,
Well, it pleases Sinterklaas you could make it tonight

Now that he’s met you, he thinks you’re kinda hot,
But then again, you probably get that a lot
Sleeping in a big bed with the Chinese guy,
And than nothing happens? That he won’t buy

thus the question from him here: you like your men older?
You sure do remember it’s in the eye of the beholder
Sint may be hundreds of years, but he’s young at heart
So what do you say, honey bunny? Sweetheart?

He’s serious about liking to see you again,
So the only questions left are where and when?
Wear something comfy as Sint rides a horse,
And you get to sit in the back, of course

Let’s cut the crap here and right now plan a date,
How about tomorrow, he will pick you up at eight?
Now you’re done. Go ahead, get another drink,
But first you get a very promising wink wink,

With a kiss,

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Nadiasverige said...

Thanks for the party and the pictures! But the ones with me and Lika in don't open in a big format when you click on them.